Your questions, answered

How It Works

What is LUKH?

LUKH (pronounced ‘look’) is an online rental service, focused on making Indian fashion more accessible and readily available to multi-cultural consumers in the US.

How does LUKH work?

Browse LUKH designs to find the best look for your occasion. We know different events call for different looks. Check out the Dress Guide page on our website to understand which outfits are compatible for each Wedding event.

Choose a delivery and return date. You can rent for 4, 6 or 12 days. The outfit will be delivered via FedEx to your home, office, or hotel by your delivery date. Please be sure to provide a secure mailing address.

Ship your dress back. Returns are free! Place items in the provided packaging with the pre-paid return label. Take the packaging to a FedEx store (carrier to be specified on you return label) by 12pm on your rental return date. If your return date is a Sunday, please return by 12pm the following Monday.

Don’t worry about washing the garment. We’ll handle the dry cleaning.

How long can I rent a dress for?

We offer flexible rental options - 4, 6 or 12 day reservations.

What if I need the dress for longer?

In the unique case of destination weddings, we understand you may need outfits for a longer period. Please email us at, and we’ll try our best to accommodate.

How far in advance should I order my garment?

We recommend that you book your order to arrive 1-2 days prior to your event to ensure you have plenty of time to get the perfect look.

Garments & Sizing

How do I know what size to order?

Please refer to our size guide to find your ideal size.

Our garments have blouses with adjustable strings so that they can loosen or tighten the fit; and our skirts and pants have adjustable strings to fit perfectly at the waist.

What if my rental doesn’t fit?

In the off-chance that your rental doesn't fit, please email us at and we will do our best to accommodate.

Can I tailor a dress?

No, unfortunately, you cannot tailor the outfit yourself. However, we recommend using safety pins if you need to keep your outfit secure.

How are the garments cleaned?

Fabrics vary by outfit, so different cleaning techniques apply to different garments. Our dry cleaning partners use a variety of techniques to ensure that each outfit is dry cleaned and steamed thoroughly so that it’s ready for you to wear.

My outfit is wrinkled, how should I press it?

If you receive an outfit with wrinkles, please try steaming (not ironing) the outfit from a distance on low heat. If you’re unsure, please contact us directly for advice to avoid damage.

What happens if I receive a damaged outfit?

That is not ideal, and we would be happy to offer you a refund. In order to be eligible for a refund, you must notify us within 24 hours of delivery. Please email us at and provide photos of the damages.

What if I accidentally stain or damage the dress?

We understand that some wear and tear may be inevitable, so we offer a $10 insurance fee to cover minor stains and damage. Wear and tear includes: minor tears, missing beads, sweat or dirty edges.

Significant damage (including but it not limited to: red wine stains, major food stains, etc.) and theft aren’t covered under the insurance. If there is significant damage that is beyond repair, the fee is the retail price of the item.

What is the retail price of your garments?

The retail price of our garments vary by tier. Casual outfits retail at $400, semi-formal outfits retail at $700 and formal outfits retail at $1,000.

Style Tips

How do I choose the perfect outfit?

Check out our Dress Guide if you’re not familiar with the different styles of Indian clothing. Styles are constantly evolving based on trends. There are stylistic differences between designs, but all designs are appropriate for Hindu Indian occasions. Appropriateness may vary by religion.

We’re always here to help, so contact us at, for tips and we’ll be happy to assist!

How do I wear my outfit?

Please refer to refer to our how-to videos on the Dress Guide page and additional details on our product pages. We’re giving you all the deets you need to know on styling and sizing. If your outfit has a dupatta, you can style this in a couple different ways by getting creative!

Have more questions? Connect with our Lead Stylist, Kinney at She has tons of tips!

Should I wear heels with my outfit?

We recommend wearing heels with most outfits, but they are not required. If you are going to a sangeet or garba, you can consider wearing flats so you can comfortably dance!

What undergarments do you recommend?

Undergarments will vary by outfit. For our blouses with open backs, we would recommend wearing adhesive cups or even going bra-less.

Do you have any tips for sweat?

If you’re concerned about sweat, we highly recommend wearing sweat pads (sent complimentary for short-sleeved blouses) for your underarms so you can break it down on the dance floor stress-free.

Shipping & Returns

Where do you ship to?

At this time, we only ship orders within the continental US. Orders must also be returned from within the US.

Is a signature required to receive the package?

We do not require a signature for delivery, but it’s up to the carrier’s discretion whether or not they feel the package is safe to leave at an address without someone available.

If you’re not available at your shipping address, or your shipping address involves a lobby that is not monitored, your order could be left with a doorman, mail room, or front desk. It’s your responsibility to provide a delivery address that you believe is the most secure. The shipping carrier and LUKH are not responsible for lost or stolen packages.

How can I track my order?

Once an order is placed, you will be emailed a confirmation and tracking number. You will be able to track your shipment with that tracking ID on

How do I return my outfit?

We ask that you carefully package the items in a way that you would for a close friend. Roll the outfit up and place it inside the packaging provided. No need to wash the outfit. We take care of the dry cleaning.

Once sealed, please stick the pre-paid label onto the outside of the packaging.

Drop off the package at your nearest Fed Ex location by 12pm on your return date. If your return date is a Sunday, please drop off the package on the following Monday by 12pm.

If I lost my return label, what should I do?

Please contact, and we will email you another pre-paid return label that can be used.

What happens if I return my dress late?

A late return is subject to fees at the rate of $50 per day for every day that your order is late. If you have not returned a Product within 14 days after the return date for the Product, your late return will be considered a non-return. Please read our complete late fee policy in our Terms of Service.

What happens if I don’t return my dress?

If you have not returned a Product within fourteen (14) days after the return date for the Product, your late return will be considered a non-return and LUKH will charge you for the retail price of the dress minus the late fees incurred over those 14 days.

How can I check the status of my return?

You will be provided a pre-paid return label that corresponds with a tracking ID.  Visit to enter tracking information and receive updates.


Can I cancel an order?

Yes, you can cancel an order.
For all order cancellation requests, please email

30 days or more
If you cancel 30 or more days in advance of the delivery date, there is no cancellation fee and you will receive a full refund issued to the payment card you used for the order.

8 - 30 days ahead of time
If you cancel less than 30 days but more than 8 days in advance of the delivery date, you will not receive any refund, but you will receive a full credit for the rental fee associated with the cancelled order. This credit can be applied to a LUKH rental through a unique code and is valid for a year from the date of cancellation.

7 days or less
If you cancel within 7 days of the delivery date, the order will not be refunded and no credit will be given. This is due to the shipping and logistics required for an order.

Can I change an order?

In the instance that you want to change an order, you will need to cancel your
order and place a new one.

Please contact, and we’ll do our best to accommodate for your needs.

What is the dress insurance?

You can choose to opt-into purchasing dress insurance for an additional $10. This insurance covers normal wear and tear - including minor stains, rips, missing beads, stuck zippers or other minor damage. However, if you don’t purchase insurance, then you agree that we shall charge you, and you shall pay, for the price for repairing the Product, as determined in our discretion.

In general, if you return a Product that is damaged beyond normal wear and tear, then you agree that we shall charge you, and you shall pay, for the price for repairing or replacing the Product, as determined in our discretion, up to the retail price for the Product.

Can I purchase a LUKH outfit?

At this point in time, we do not allow customers to purchase our garments.