About LUKH

Pronounced "Look"

About us

Clothes custom designed for rent

South Asian culture is particularly vibrant in meaning and creativity. LUKH is an online rental service, committed to giving everyone an equal opportunity to participate in our culture through fashion.

Unlike traditional Indian clothes that are custom-tailored, we offer standardized sizing with adjustable features to comfortably fit your body shape. We actively create styles based on your desires, preferences and the latest trends.

There’s no need to travel to India to shop for the latest styles. Our flexible rental policies, easy returns and styling guidance empower you to look and feel confident at any event — while being conscious of money and the environment.

Our process

How we make the clothes

Curate styles

First, we aggregate consumer insights in order to best understand the Indian style preferences among Americans. Then, we select what styles to curate and create based on demand.

Source materials

We find the best quality fabrics, trims, threads and beads to produce each piece in Mumbai, India.

We use our custom sizing system to ensure that outfits adjust to a variety of body types. Our goal is to create clothes that you can adjust yourself without having to visit a tailor.

Work with tailors

Finally, our tailors cut, sew and finish each garment meticulously. We then quality check each piece to ensure that the end product is at its finest.

We prefer working with tailors in India because we hope to give back to the country that inspires us. We provide fair wages that can support their livelihood.

Our values

Bridging the gap between cultures


We’re here to share Indian culture with everyone and bring people together from all walks of life. Our hope is to guide you to the most beautiful and appropriate styles.


We work with tailors in India to make every sparkle and tassel just right. We are changing the way Indian fashion is traditionally made by offering adjustable features to ensure comfort and fit.


We want you to feel beautiful and confident at every occasion you attend. We curate the best of Indian fashion and recommend what’s appropriate for each event.


We’ve noticed how many dresses are made to be worn for a photograph and then never used again. By renting, it means less waste for you and for the environment. No fast fashion here.

Founder's note

As a first generation Indian-American, I want to give everyone the opportunity to experience the Indian culture, and do it in a way that celebrates both heritage and individuality.

I've seen how hard it can be to find beautiful Indian clothes for the right price, especially in the US, so I've decided to create a platform that solves just that.

At LUKH, we want you to feel you look and feel confident.

- Karen Desai, CEO & Co-Founder