Beyond the Look

First Time Indian Shopping Experience

The Indian fashion shopping experience from a first time non-Indian perspective.

How to Become An Environmentally Conscious Consumer

Sustainability initiatives are crucial to the future. Here are four ways you can make more mindful shopping choices.

The types of Indian dresses

The different types of Indian dresses to wear at formal events and when they are appropriate. 

The 5 Do’s & Don’ts at Indian Weddings

From following the recommended attire to partying responsibly, we’re here to help you be the very best Indian wedding attendee you can be. Here are a few do’s and don’ts for Indian wedding celebrations.

Practicing Self-care in the Time of Covid

I have been struggling with all the dramatic transitions due to the COVID crisis. I keep thinking - Will COVID strike me or my loved ones? When will this crisis be over? How will this impact the economy and my business? What should I be doing during these times? How can I stay productive?

Should we follow all our Indian Wedding traditions?

Should we follow cultural traditions because they existed for so many years? Or do we make a conscious decision to mold and modernize these traditions for our generations to come?

Redesigning the Retail Experience for Indian Fashion

The issues within the Indian retail industry in the US today and how LUKH stands apart by providing a seamless customer experience.

Indian Wedding Guide: The Sangeet and Mehndi

What to expect at an Indian Sangeet or Mehndi event.

Indian Wedding Guide: The Reception

What to expect at an Indian Wedding Reception.

Indian Wedding Guide: The North Indian Hindu Ceremony

Your guide to a Hindu wedding ceremony and the symbolic, philosophical, and spiritual meaning behind them.

What is in a Name?

Research shows that your name can actually affect your lifetime success. What will you name your children? And how will culture impact that decision? Should we choose to assimilate or acculturate?