To our beautiful brides, Congratulations! You may be feeling so excited (but nervous) for this milestone in your life. From choosing the right wedding venues to creating a memorable experience for your wedding guests, planning a wedding is no joke. 

A wedding is a celebration of your love with all of your favorite people. To make it special for them, we know you want them to feel included in your events and look the part. Here are a few tips to help guests out - 

  1. If your wedding guests need help with picking outfits or styling, tell them to book a virtual styling consultation with LUKH or email if you have any questions regarding your guests’ outfits! 
  2. Share a program itinerary with them so they know where to go, by what time and what to expect there. This is especially helpful for non-Indians who may be unaware of the Baarat tradition before the wedding for the groom’s side.
  3. Ensure that all food items have a menu card so that they’re aware of what the item is and if it meets their dietary restrictions. This is especially important for non-Indians who may not know what the ingredients are.

These are just a few tips! Frankly, we recommend hiring a wedding planner! They will not only save you time but he/she will also be by your side every step of the way. However, finding the perfect wedding planner can be difficult. This is why we’ve put a list together of a few of the top wedding planners in the Northeast that could be the right fit for you! Check out the companies listed below! 

Tum Hi Ho Events

1. Name: Alisha

2. Website/Instagram: @tumhihoevents

3. Contact:

4. What markets do you typically cover? South Asian Wedding & Event Planning, Day of Coordination. We are also based in the NJ/NY/PA area, however, have worldwide services.

5. Share something that's differentiated or unique about your company. Tum Hi Ho Events has been in the industry for several years now, and throughout the years, we have not lost sight of our main goal - which is simply keeping our couples happy. The key to that? Having a solid team of coordinators. We would not be where we are today without the hard work and dedication from our THH family. Our coordinators have been rigorously trained in problem-solving, quick thinking, and organizational skills, and can tackle any issues that come their way. Nevertheless, no matter how type A we may be, we are not robots. We have created some everlasting friends with some of our couples by sharing lots of love, laughs, and even tears through the planning process. And that's what I think most differentiates us from other companies, we share true feelings and emotions by stepping into our clients’ shoes and making this the most memorable process for them. 

6. What trends do you foresee in 2021 as postponed weddings/events come back in surge? As postponed weddings and events come back in a surge, I imagine this next year to be bigger and better than ever. I'm not talking about guest count here, but more so the grandeur and magnificence that comes with Indian weddings. 2020 brides have had an extra year to plan their wedding, and you know they haven't stopped thinking about how to make their big day even more special. I've been seeing a lot of personalization recently, monograms on everything you can imagine from masks, sanitizer bottles, coasters, even napkins. These are some of the little things that brides would not have previously focused on, but with an extra year of planning, everything has become a little more personalized by adding little special touches throughout the day.

7. How could a rental fashion service like LUKH help your wedding guests? With travel bans still in play, brides and guests are having a tough time with Indian clothing being readily available. A rental fashion service like LUKH can be of great use to guests who are looking for something trendy but don't have the means to do so. 2021 has a ton of new fashion trends and LUKH offers it all. My personal favorite, and what I think could be most useful, is the bridesmaids section. Having a rental service for bridesmaids outfits is brilliant since most girls don't like to repeat these sorts of outfits. Even more, each bridesmaid can individually pick their sizing instead of going through the difficulty of measuring themselves. I truly believe brides should consider LUKH for their girlfriends, not just to make their lives easier, but for a wider and more unique selection of outfits!


Happy H(Ours) Weddings & Events

1. Name: Asha Chowdhury

2. Website/Instagram: / @happyh_ours

3. Contact:

4. What markets do you typically cover? We typically work with the South Asian and American markets. Since I grew up in such a diverse environment, I know how important interracial marriages are.  With our experience, we are also able to guide how couples can mix their two respective cultures. While I am located in Connecticut, we do cover the NY/NJ/PA area.  Ideally, we see ourselves expanding to destination weddings and having planners assist with weddings throughout the country.

5. Share something that's differentiated or unique about your company. When it comes to picking a wedding planner, it is so important for the couple to really connect, trust, and genuinely like their planner. You end up spending a lot of time with your planner so having that initial connection is vital and we understand that. We not only pride ourselves on our knowledge of the industry but also the  empathetic and confident personalities that allow us to tell our couples to go look for other planners - so when they have to make that big decision, they are 100%. It takes a lot for a business owner to go tell their prospective client to go check out their competition, but we want our couples to be as confident with us and our expertise as we are with ourselves. 

6. How could a rental fashion service like LUKH help your wedding guests? Coming from someone who can’t imagine wearing the same outfit to two weddings, ever - this is perfect for me.  I love trying new outfits and showing them off at these glamorous events, so having the chance to wear it once and return it (rather than letting it take up space in my closet) is perfect.  Whether it’s a lehenga or a saree, they typically range from $150-$400, and that can get tough when you know you have 5-10 weddings to attend this year alone.  LUKH is an extremely affordable and fashionable solution for brown women everywhere who want to look memorable at every event. 


Prestige Kreations LLC 

1. Names: Parneet Kaur and Kiran Kanwar

2. Instagram: @prestigekreations

3. Contact:

4. Share something that's differentiated or unique about your company. We are a boutique event management company that customizes each event with its clients. Taking our passion and turning it into a profession required a lot of discipline and understanding for our clientele. Not only do we create professional relationships with our vendors, but we have an everlasting relationship with our clients as well. Our ability to be detailed oriented sets us apart from other vendors.

5. What was your most memorable moment in 2020 despite COVID? We were blessed to be working during COVID when we were hired to manage an intimate yet traditional wedding. The event was set to be held in Spain, however, because of COVID restrictions, we had to manipulate and reassess our management and planning criteria to execute the events in NY. Despite the decrease in the number of guests and change of venue, we still were able to create a traditional palette and bring a little bit of Spain to NY. 


About the Author

Kruti Malkan is an MBA candidate at the Kellogg School of Management. Her background lies in supply chain and operations, but she has a passion for marketing. In her free time, she loves to Bollywood dance, practice yoga, and explore new fashion trends!