Being invited to a wedding means that you’ve been personally chosen by the bride or groom to attend an incredibly special moment in their lives. When you think about it, it’s a pretty big honor! 

From following the recommended attire to partying responsibly, we’re here to help you be the very best Indian wedding attendee you can be.

To make things simple, here are a few do’s and don’ts for Indian wedding celebrations:


1. Don’t bring boxed gifts

To keep the bride and groom from having to lug around boxes after their wedding, visit their online registry and ship items directly to them. If you're giving the gift of cash or writing a check, there’s an Indian tradition of adding an extra $1 you should consider following. Numbers that end with a numerical one are considered lucky in Indian culture, for example, $101, $151, $201 and so on.


2. Do look the part

You've seen pictures of Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra’s fabulous wedding. In general, most Indian Weddings are lavish, colorful and bright. We highly recommend looking the part if you can get access to Indian clothes. Most people are familiar with the style of a “sari,” which is yards of fabric that is worn draped around the body. But, there are various other types of styles, like lenghas and anarkalis. You can refer to this Wedding Guide to learn more on what is most appropriate to wear to events. When in doubt, wear bright colors and like our customer Allison decided to do in the image below. She's rocking the Diya Sharara.


3. Don’t wear the same outfit to events 

Just like in American culture, outfit repeating has become a social media no-no. With many events over multiple days, you’ll need at least 2-3 Indian outfits. It’s generally even suggested that guests change between the Wedding ceremony and reception, even if they take place on the same day. 

Instead of buying an outfit you might post on Instagram and then never wear again, consider renting or mix and match different tops with bottoms. Here are style suggestions from LUKH:

Sangeet: Try the Shakti Sharara, a modern wide leg pant set.

Wedding: Wear a fun bright dress like the Roshni Lengha.

Reception: Be formal, but comfortable in the Nakhra Lengha.


4. Do drink responsibly

If the bride and groom provide an open bar, they're providing a courtesy. Drinking a ridiculous amount at the Reception isn't just unbecoming, it may be disrespectful. All we’re saying is that before you order a round of tequila shots, please take a look around you to ensure you may not be offending anyone. And pace yourself - Indian wedding events can last until sunrise!


5. Don’t dance inappropriately

Dance is a big part of Indian culture, from Bhangra to Bollywood. We love dancing, but PDA is typically a no-no. When you’re on the dance floor, feel free to throw your hands up in the air and break it down. But it’s probably best to avoid bumping, grinding and twerking. You can save that for the after party, when the aunties and uncles are fast asleep in bed.


For more on what to expect at Indian Weddings, visit our guides on the Sangeet and Mendhi, Wedding Ceremony, and Reception!