So you’ve been invited to an Indian wedding. Lucky you, you’ve been guaranteed a memorable and colorful experience! Whether it be the Sangeet, the Baraat on the morning  of the wedding, or at the Reception, you’ll see guests breaking it down any chance they get - the time will come and you’ll want to be ready! It’s very common for close guests of the bride and groom to perform choreographed group dances at events like the Sangeet and Reception. Here are some tricks to crush that final performance! 


Practice, Practice, Practice: 

Normally, the person who is choreographing the group dance will either send videos for you to practice the routine at home or you’ll have rehearsals with the choreographer and the rest of the performers. Either way, you’ll want to practice, practice, practice. You can’t do the dance in your sleep. Unless, maybe you’re Madhuri Dixit. So, Run it again. And again. With the dance memorized, it’ll be much easier to get through the performance smoothly! During downtime at the wedding, practice with your dancemates one last time before the final performance.

Balance Comfort and Style:

Typically choreographed performances take place at events that revolve around music and dancing, so you’ll likely be moving on your feet the whole night! You have been asked to perform at the wedding, so don’t be shy to look the part! Outfits that are flowy and comfortable, but still elegant and classy are ideal. If you’re not sure what to wear or you’re thinking, “I’ve never heard of comfortable Indian clothes…” we’ve got you covered! LUKH has options fit to your taste for any event, as well as personalized styling consultations! 

Hot tip: try to steer clear of heavy or long skirts that may make it difficult for you to dance in or may make you feel hot (as in temperature, because we know you’ll look smokin’). Here are are a few suggestions from LUKH:

Left to Right (Dishoom Sharara Shakti ShararaLassi ShararaRubaroo)

Dance With Your Face:

Once you’ve got the routine memorized, it’s easy to add your own flavor and flare! Showing your emotions while dancing to Indian music is a must! Oh, and of course,  smile throughout the dance. This is your chance to “talk” with your eyes and eyebrows while you dance - they speak volumes and, believe me, they’ve got a lot to say. Remember, even if you forget a dance move, show that you are playful, flirty, and eccentric! 

Have Fun:

I get it, sometimes dancing in front of an audience full of wedding guests and strangers can be nerve wracking. But don’t tense up; the best thing you can do is just HAVE FUN! You’re celebrating the happy couple, so get out there and let loose. And if all else fails, redeem yourself on the dance floor after dinner - everything’s easier after a few trips to the open bar. 

About the Author:

Sonali Surti is an undergraduate student at the University of Illinois in Urbana Champaign. She is currently pursuing a degree in Consumer Economics and Finance, but is passionate about marketing and fashion. She loves to dance, cook, and use fashion and cosmetics as expressive outlets.