Imagine you’ve just rented the LUKH outfit of your dreams! Now that you have your outfit figured out, how do you accessorize it? What jewelry should you wear? You may be asking yourself how much more you need to spend to complete your look for the next wedding, evening party, or even darty (day party) you attend. Although Indian jewelry can sometimes be expensive, there are alternative options, such as imitation jewelry, that will look just as elegant and glamorous. Imitation jewelry has its own unique touch, and you will find yourself spending a lot less!

Below are some tips on what to look for when buying jewelry to match your outfit:

Necklaces & Earrings 

Tip 1: Bold and large statement jewelry will always stand out at Indian weddings. If you are wearing a simple dress, you can accessorize it with large and vibrant jewelry. If you are already wearing a dress that is detailed with lots of embroideries, you can pick a simple gold or silver set to match your outfit. 

Tip 2: Silver jewelry with gold plating is a great choice when it comes down to choosing your accessories. You may find these sets slightly more expensive than mass-produced pieces, however, it will last longer and you will be able to wear them for multiple occasions. With these pieces, you will be looking for quality over quantity. 

Tip 3: Details matter when choosing your accessories! Whether you are searching for a large statement necklace or dangling teardrop earrings, keep your eye out for how the finish of the product is. If you are choosing imitation jewelry, you want to make sure the polish does not chip off. 

Tip 4: Be wary of the weight of the jewelry. Indian jewelry can get heavy, so be sure to choose pieces that you are comfortable wearing for more than 3 hours.  


Bracelets & Bangles 

Tip 1: If big earrings aren’t your thing, bracelets and bangles are another great way to shine! Depending on the type of wedding and event, you can style it with a chunky bracelet or multiple bangles. Gold is always a safe choice, and you really can’t have too many.

Tip 2: Try guesstimating the size of the bangles you need before purchasing. If your bangles are too tight, don’t worry! Here’s a trick: Rubs your hands with dish soap, baby oil, or lotion before putting the bangles on. 

Some of our favorite go-to online jewelry spots:

  • Charming Charlie is a retailer you can not only purchase jewelry from for Indian weddings, but also for everyday wear! You are likely to find bright colored, westernized, large, and small pieces that you can wear on multiple occasions. If you purchase online, locate the jewelry tab and filter by style, color, and type of jewelry you are looking for! 
  • BaubleBar is an affordable retailer where you can select from fine and imitation jewelry. If you’re looking for something unique and personal, you can also create a customized bracelet or necklace to wear with your LUKH outfit. 
  • Etsy’s South Asian Jewelry: Believe it or not, Etsy sells South Asian jewelry! This is your go-to store if you’re looking for silver jewelry with gold plating. Etsy has a variety of gold and silver pieces, many of them even with colorful stones. You will find all South Asian style necklaces, bracelets, and earrings from here! Be sure to check the reviews when purchasing so you know the size and weight of the pieces.  
  • Shein is known for their affordable and fashionable women’s clothing. You might be surprised to see that they also have a jewelry section! If you’re in the mood for something simple, inexpensive, and cutesy, Shein is the place for you!

Shoes & Handbags

Tip 1: There may be ceremonies that require the removal of shoes and some may also have dancing, so we always recommend flats or a comfy heel (but any shoe style will fit well with the event).

Tip 2: If you’d like to carry a purse, we recommend bringing something gold, but there aren’t any customary styles to worry about.

Remember, the main goal for accessorizing your outfit is to be comfortable with what you’re wearing! Please consult with the LUKH team if you would like any more tips or recommendations on your jewelry purchases. Happy accessorizing!  


About the Author:

Kruti Malkan is an MBA candidate at the Kellogg School of Management. Her background lies in supply chain and operations, but she has a passion for marketing. In her free time, she loves to Bollywood dance, practice yoga, and explore new fashion trends!