We’ve received a lot of questions on how to accessorize your LUKH dresses, so here are recommendations by the LUKH team!

Importance of Jewelry 

Bold colors and big jewelry are always recommended at Indian weddings. Weddings are colorful and fun, and accessories are a great way to match the occasion. Many guests wear gold accented accessories because gold is considered auspicious.

Jewelry doesn’t have to be expensive! There are great, affordable options. Some of our favorite go-to jewelry spots online are: 




Earrings are a great way to feel glamorous since bolder styles are customary, though you can wear simpler styles if that’s more you. 

*Just note that some big jewelry can be heavy to wear for an extended period if you aren’t used to it. Stick to what’s most comfortable so you can dance and enjoy the whole experience!

Bracelets & Bangles 

If big earrings aren’t your thing, bracelets and bangles are another great way to shine! Depending on the type of wedding and event, you can style with a chunky bracelet or multiple bangles. Gold is always a safe choice, and you really can’t have too many.

Shoes & Handbag

These generally aren’t a concern. There may be ceremonies that require the removal of shoes and some may also have dancing, so we always recommend flats or a comfy heel (but any shoe style will fit well with the event). If you’d like to carry a purse, we recommend bringing something gold, but there aren’t any customary styles to worry about.