As part of our community series, we’re hoping to connect you with all-around badasses in the South Asian community. This time we're doing a couple spotlight. We've interviewed Purvi, a Physical Therapist on the frontline, who is here to share the story about how she met her fiance Dhruv.

At LUKH, diversity of thought, culture and identity is what inspires us everyday. We hope to share inspiring stories and helpful resources to continue fostering this inclusion in our community. 

How did you two meet? When did you start dating?

Dhruv and I met on a dating app called Dil Mil! I was at Duke for school and Dhruv was in Charlotte for work, and somehow we just hit it off. We officially started dating in July 2016!

What type of couple are you? What do you enjoy doing together?

Definitely the super chill type. We love eating good food and watching The Office. Pre-COVID, traveling was one of our favorite things so hopefully we can get back to that sometime soon.

How did you tell your family you two were dating? 

Dhruv told his parents that we were dating pretty much right after we started dating, as one should. But I decided not to tell my parents because I thought they would freak out and try to get us married ASAP, so I hid it from them for about a year. I spent a month with Dhruv in 2017, but obviously didn't tell my parents (because Indian parents, duh). I told my parents I was in Durham studying for boards when in reality I was actually in Dallas with Dhruv. However, my dad quickly figured that I was lying, but he didn't tell anyone he knew. He WAITED until I came back home to NOVA to tell both my mom and I that he knew I had a boyfriend and that I was in Dallas for the past month. To this day, I do not know how he found out, he refuses to tell me. 

How did your family respond when you started dating? Were there any challenges? How did that change over time?

Honestly both of our parents were awesome about us dating which was absolutely amazing. 

Tell us about your proposal story.

Dhruv proposed in April 2019 at a vineyard in Fredericksburg, TX. The funny story is that I figured it all out a week ahead of the proposal. Dhruv and I share an Amazon account, and despite his best efforts to delete his purchase history I discovered some of the decor he bought in the account's returned items history. My heart literally dropped and I decided to pretend I didn't know anything. The morning of the proposal the weather was HORRIBLE (like torrential rain and winds), and so I decided to have some fun and test Dhruv a bit. Even though I knew he was going to propose at the vineyard, I threw a fit and suggested that we stay at home because the rain was going to ruin our day of wine tasting in the Texas hill country. Eventually he dragged me there kicking and screaming...proposed in the vineyard's romantic barrel room and then led me through a back door where 50 of our closest friends and family were waiting in surprise. I had no idea he had my family and closest friends fly in from around the country and it made my heart melt. 

What type of wedding did you have?/What do you plan to have post-covid?Describe your vision and what inspired it.

We had our huge Indian wedding planned out for June 2020, we literally were pretty much done planning it. However, we ended up cancelling everything because duh, COVID-19. We pivoted to a tiny legal ceremony at an Airbnb in Austin, TX. Dhruv's dad got ordained, conducted our 5 minute ceremony, had all our family and friends over Zoom, popped some bubbly and had tacos on our couch after. It was perfection. Post covid we want to have a small Hindu ceremony with just our bridal party and family, but no idea on details past that! We're out here living our best married life. 

How do you plan to help your friends/family of different backgrounds feel culturally included at your wedding? How could LUKH help?

My bridal party is actually a huge mix of different cultural backgrounds. It's majority of my bridesmaids' first time at an Indian wedding. I love that LUKH provides education on what the different Indian wedding events are and what one should be wearing. It's also perfect that LUKH is a rental site, because I'm sure most my non-indain bridesmaids don't want to purchase expensive Indian outfits! 

Are there any words of wisdom or guidance you'd like to offer other Covid wedding couples?

YOU DO YOU, BOO. It's an incredibly stressful time to be planning a wedding. Do what makes you happy as a couple because at the end of the day, it's about you two getting married, nothing else matters! Also, consider getting a puppy as a consolation prize.