As part of our community series, we’re hoping to connect you with special couples in our community. We've interviewed Divya, a LUKH Bride Ambassador, who is here to share the story about how she met her fiance Zack.

At LUKH, diversity of thought, culture and identity is what inspires us everyday. We hope to share inspiring stories and helpful resources to continue fostering this inclusion in our community. 


How did you two meet? When did you start dating? We met in college! Briefly met freshman year fall 2011 through one of my high school friends. Fall 2012 sophomore year I got an apartment and that same friend ended up living in the apartment above mine and my now fiancé was one of his roommates. We became friends and started dating shortly after. Fun fact that mutual friend is our officiant for one of our ceremonies.

What do you enjoy doing together? We love game nights with friends, movie nights, trying new foods & restaurants, and traveling! We can't wait to be able to do soon again!

Tell us about your proposal story. We booked a trip to Italy and leading up to it everyone told me Zack would propose. I truly didn't think he would because he cannot keep a secret and this was a big one. After a long day of traveling, we explored Sorrento and he picked out a spot at sunset with the ocean as the backdrop - it was a dream! He proposed the first night so the entire trip was celebratory and we took engagement photos while in Italy. 

What type of wedding are you having? Describe your vision and what inspired it. I'm half Indian, half Mexican and my fiancé is Greek so we're having #MyBigFatGreekIndianMexicanWedding. My parents have always been very inclusive of both of my cultures growing up. When they got married they had a Hindu ceremony and a Catholic ceremony so I always knew I wanted to do the same. And with my fiancé being Greek, it was important to me to include all cultures in our wedding week. We're having two ceremonies just like my parents - a Hindu ceremony and a second that will include Mexican and Greek traditions. 

How do you plan to help your friends/family of different backgrounds feel culturally included at your wedding? Our friends and family are excited for the fusion wedding and can't wait to experience the different cultures. Many are excited to wear traditional Indian attire. LUKH is a great option for our guests that are looking for a one time wear without breaking the bank. 

Are there any words of wisdom or guidance you'd like to offer other couples? Enjoy the planning process and remember to have fun along the way!