As part of our Community Series, we’re hoping to connect you with influencers, experts and all around badasses in the South Asian community. We hope to share their inspiring stories and helpful guidance with everyone. 

With the recent launch of our Postponed Wedding Package, we interviewed Monica Sunny - founder of the Chai Box based in Atlanta, GA. We love her passion, and we're beyond excited to share her story.

What is the inspiration for your business?

Chai is more than just a drink -- it’s my culture, heritage and passion. Growing up in an Indian household, I started drinking chai at the age of two and blending teas at the age of twelve. Now I hope to instill my passion to my three sons through our daily “chai time” sessions.

Tell us more about your chai.

With my mom’s personal chai recipes and lots of east-meets-west infusion blends, the Chai Box teas have been handpicked especially for you from Kerala, inspired by the flavors of Punjab and Shimla, and consist of no pesticides or artificial flavors.

What are your thoughts behind this collaboration for the Postponed Wedding Gift Box?

I am so excited to collaborate with LUKH on the Postponed Wedding gift box. It’s been a difficult few months, and I hope that brides get a moment to relax and unwind with “chai time.”