Shopping for Indian fashion in the US can be frustrating. The clothes you find in stores are outdated and the selection online is exorbitantly priced with long shipping times. In a world where everything is available at the click of a button, why hasn’t Indian retail kept up with the times? Here are the problems in the current landscape:

The sizing is complicated
Most online retailers require a “custom” size option for anyone that wants to purchase an outfit. That means you have to obtain and submit your measurements after an order is placed for the retailer to make the dress. Why is the experience more difficult following your purchase?

Delivery time is 6-8 weeks
Most online outfits are made to order, which means you have to plan 2 months to ensure you get the garment on time. Even if you’ve taken this into account, your outfit could come in ill-fitting, leaving you scrambling to find a new outfit last minute.

The online experience is outdated
The lack of modern digital storefronts for Indian fashion makes it a challenge to trust the quality of the product or legitimacy of websites that you buy from. 

The prices are outrageous
These dresses are ornate, but not always worth the high retail cost. An outfit can start at $500 and quickly jump into the thousands. Yet the “affordable” options are made of cheap fabrics and finishings, and you can tell.

Modern styles are rarely available in the US
Fashion changes rapidly in India. Despite the internet, the latest trends are not available to you until long after they’ve come and gone in the Indian market. This means that we are always behind on the latest styles.

Most of these issues stem from the way these clothes are produced. The inefficiency in the production process and the high cost to create such custom and complex pieces is stopping the industry from providing the best retail experience there can be.

There needs to be a fundamental shift in the way Indian clothes are made to improve our shopping experience. That’s why we created LUKH, an online rental service making high-quality Indian fashion accessible to all.

At LUKH, we create clothing specifically designed for rent. We've developed a standardized sizing system that has the flexibility to adjust to all body shapes. There's no need to wait weeks for your order, our modern dress styles are ready to ship within a few days. We even offer style advice to help navigate what outfit is appropriate for each event.

LUKH is changing the industry standard of Indian fashion in the US and offers a long-overdue experience that puts the customer's needs first.