Beyond the Look

How to Support Brides During COVID

With some creative thinking, there are ways to be a thoughtful and supportive friend for a bride-to-be, even if you can't physically be with her. 

Community Interview: Neha Gaonkar, The Cute Pista

Meet Neha Gaonkar, a self-taught illustrator, chronic doodler, and founder of The Cute Pista.

Community Interview: Monica Sunny, The Chai Box

We've had a chance to chat with Monica Sunny, founder of the Chai Box

Community Interview: Sonya Panchal, Scrumptious Wicks

We interviewed Sonya Malani Panchal, a full time Optometrist and also the founder of Scrumptious Wicks. 

Community Interview: Puja Patel, The Girl in Tulle

We've interviewed fashion merchandiser, designer and the founder of The Girl in Tulle, Puja Patel.

Let’s Talk About Systemic Racism

We have to do our part as South Asians in solidarity with our Black brothers and sisters. We have to have unfiltered, real, heart-to-heart conversations with our parents, aunties and uncles. We have to reframe the South Asian perspective. Here’s how we can take action.

Recommended Anti-Racism Resources

We've compiled a list of anti-racism resources to read, watch and listen to so that we can educate ourselves during these times. We hope everyone does their part by discussing with friends and family members, speaking up in the face of injustice, and donating if you’re financially able to do so.

Community Interview: Vandana Iyer, Fashion and Beauty influencer

In this interview, we’re getting to know Vandana Iyer, fashion and beauty influencer.

Community Interview: Karishma Mehta, Bridal Make Up Artist

As part of our Community Series, we’re interviewing Karishma Mehta, a professional bridal MUA and a bride-to-be herself! She shares tips for brides as they prepare for their big day.

First Time Indian Shopping Experience

The Indian fashion shopping experience from a first time non-Indian perspective.

How to Become An Environmentally Conscious Consumer

Sustainability initiatives are crucial to the future. Here are four ways you can make more mindful shopping choices.

The types of Indian dresses

The different types of Indian dresses to wear at formal events and when they are appropriate.